Gloucester City

The City of Gloucester

The city of Gloucester as it was. Southgate streetThe cathedral city of the Cotswolds, Gloucester has its roots stretching back to Roman times and has continued to be an important English city, boasting over 2,000 years of history. The country’s most inland port, before the motorways were built it was known as the crossroads of England.

The city of Gloucester is the capital city of Gloucestershire and is set between the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean, an area of outstanding beauty. Gloucester is an amazing place to visit

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The Roman settlement at Gloucester, whose walls later provided the basis for the defences of the east part of the medieval town, was established near a crossing-point of the river Severn on a low rise at c. 15 m. The land there is formed by the Lower Lias clay, which has a cap of gravel where the central crossroads of the town were established, and a larger covering of gravel east of the walls including the Barton Street area. The west side of Gloucester and the adjoining meadowland are formed by alluvium ( a deposit of clay, silt, and sand left by flowing floodwater in a river valley or delta, typically producing fertile soil )

Gaia at Gloucester Cathedral


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